Alvaro Albajez Grima (Saragossa, 1990)Prueba


Painter and artist in formation.


      Initiated  the  studies  in  the  humanistic  and  social  branch,   he  took  the  Licence  of  Fine  arts  in  Barcelona

(University of Barcelona, 2008-2012) being specialized in the pictorial itinerary. With unformalist referents in his  origins,

his painting  was evolving across  experimental  technologies as  the  dripping or the adhesion of objects and formation

of textures.


During 2010 and 2011 he moved to Praha where he carried out a series of works defined by the technical austerity and the rejection of the color, being elaborated in black and white and whose maximum expression is the work of big dimensions: Prague - self-portrait, 2011. Besides the painting, it experiments across the photography, the collage or the audio-visual way there being the developed one some photographic projects and particidado in shorts and video - art.

Nowadays his work tries to think about aspects of the current society. A society stunned by the excess and the troubled relation between superposed systems that fight for his predominance.

The pictorial space is characterized by spots and planes of dirty and faded colors that are interrelated across urban prints, as metaphor of the sociocultural complexity of our age.

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